Property Control Procedures


 All assets, regardless of funding or means of acquisition, need to be tracked by the Property Control Office.

Receiving Equipment:

  • 1. The State of New York holds ownership of all equipment, however for inventory control, all state equipment is assigned to the department account for which it will be utilized. Accountability of any equipment assigned to a department lies with the department chair.
  • 2. When tagging equipment it is necessary to place the barcode sticker where it can be scanned readily during the inventory process. Barcode stickers need to be attached to a permanent area on the equipment.
  • 3. While tagging equipment, it is imperative that the correct information is recorded on the Inventory Data Needed form (i.e., serial number, location, manufacturer, etc.) and that this form is returned to Property Control office as soon as possible.
  • 4. When items are delivered directly to your department and are not processed through Central Receiving first, you MUST notify the Property Control office of such acquisitions.

Correspondence with the Property Control Office:

  • 1. Inform the Property Control Office of any location changes of your equipment. Please notify Property Control of these types of changes so the necessary modifications of the PCS can be made. Please address any questions regarding equipment to Janet Parsons as well.
  • 2. Informing the Property Control Office of other changes regarding your equipment (off campus for repair, lost/stolen, trade-in) is communicated by using the Condition/Status Change Form.

Removal of Equipment:

Equipment can be removed from it’s assigned department for disposal, surplus, or transfer to another SUNY/ state institution, etc. This process is accomplished by completing the Equipment Transfer Form in full.

  •   1.  If your department has damaged or obsolete equipment: contact Property Control so proper    disposal storage procedures are followed.
  •   2.  If your equipment is being used off campus the Temporary Loan of Equipment Form must be completed in full and returned to the Property Control Office.

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Property Control

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