Facility Alterations

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The State University of New York at Fredonia

Guidelines for Facility Alterations

All space at Fredonia belongs to the University as a whole. The President shall make the final decision for allocation and alteration of any space.

Project request procedures for alterations to the facility have been developed to insure that University resources are met both spatially and monetarily. The ultimate goal is a project that meets a time schedule and is cost efficient. This procedure also is used to insure that the changes integrate with existing building systems, comply with safety and building codes, and meet the overall planning for the department and building.

The following is the information you will need to complete the Facility Alterations Request Form:


An alteration to the facility is defined as any change to the physical facility.

Included, but not limited to are the following: new partitions, conversion of a space from one function to another, additions to a building system, and remodeling.

Proposed Alterations:

The appropriate Dean, Director, Department Chair, Division Vice President, and the President must approve all proposed alterations to the facility before plans and specifications for the scope of work are developed. All requests that have concept approval fromthe President shall then be submitted to Facilities Planning for review. The Dean, Director, Department Chair, or Division Vice President wishing to alter the facility shall submit the following in their request for an alteration.

  1. Project Justification for the alteration
  2. Project Description
  3. When (Project Schedule)
  4. Accommodations (if required)
  5. Available Budget (if any)

Approval and Development of Projects:

If the project is approved, Facilities Planning or Facilities Services and the assigned Project Team will work closely with the Dean, Director, Department Chair, or Division Vice President to develop plans, specifications and, if required, bidding documents. Should the project become too large in scope to be undertaken locally, the Facilities Planning Office will coordinate efforts between the University and such other agencies as the State University Construction Fund and DASNY. In addition, Facilities Planning will be responsible for the procurement of all consultant services.

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Facilities Planning Office

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