CPR/AED Training


Fredonia now offers First Aid training. See the schedule below.

You may register for a class or contact our office at 673-3796 to get more information.

CPR/AED Class Schedule:

We currently have several HeartSaver CPR/AED Courses scheduled. If you require BLS Level Certification please contact the office at 673-3796 or e-mail Sarah.Laurie@Fredonia.edu to schedule a course.

There are currently no scheduled courses. Please check back in the Fall.


First Aid Class Schedule:



No courses currently scheduled at this time. Please contact our office to set up a class.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the class being held?

How long is the class? Do I need to take more than one class?

What is the cost for the class?

I don't have a checking account. Can I just show up for the class and pay with cash?

Can I pay with FredCard?

Can I keep my booklet from the class?

How long is the certificate good for?

Will this class certify me for my job as a lifeguard/babysitter/camp counselor/etc?

I just found out I can't make it to the class I registered for. Can I get a refund?

My friend from another school wants to take the class too. Can they register with me?


Where is the class being held?

All classes will be in the Environmental Health, and Safety, and Sustainability Offices located at 140 Hendrix Hall. View a campus map if you aren't familiar with the location of Hendrix.


How long is the class? Do I need to take more than one class?

Each Heartsaver level CPR/AED class is two hours in length. After a two-hour class, you are completely certified in AHA Heartsaver techniques. No other courses are required. A written exam is required for all BLS Level courses, which run approximately 3 hours in length. Please dress comfortably as you will spend the majority of the class on the floor practicing techniques.
First Aid classes run approximately four hours in length.


What is the cost for the class?

The cost for a Heartsaver CPR/AED class is $20.00. The BLS level courses are $30.00 and First Aid courses are $40.00 The class fee covers the cost of student materials and certification cards. The class is free to Building Safety Coordinators unless they would like to purchase a workbook for $12.00. Otherwise, they may sign out a workbook from the EH&S&S Library.


Can I pay with cash?

No. All payments must be made through TouchNet at the registration link above.


Can I pay with FredCard?

No. Only credit cards and web checks are accepted. Contact Amy Beers in Internal Control with more questions on how TouchNet registration works and accepted payment methods.


Can I keep my booklet from the class?

Yes. The cost of each book is built into the course and the American Hearth Association requires that all students have access to these books after they complete the course. The book is yours to keep.


How long is the certificate good for?

Two years. The expiration date will be printed on your card. Students are required to maintain their own certification and will not receive reminders when their certification is about to expire.


Will this class certify me for my job?

AHA is a nationally recognized program, but you need to check with your employer to ensure that the Heartsaver course that Fredonia is offering is sufficient.


Can I get a refund?

Sorry, but we cannot offer refunds. If you contact our office prior to missing the course, we can reschedule you at no additional cost. There will be no refunds or rescheduling for no-shows.


My friend from another campus wants to take the course. Can they register with me?

Yes. This course is now open to all campus and community members.




If you have any questions or concerns regarding this program, please feel free to contact Sarah Laurie at extension 3796, or e-mail at Sarah.Laurie@fredonia.edu

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