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Campus Safety Update - Chemical Suicides on campuses

Fire Safety For College Students

College Preparedness
Checklist Note

In the FEMA Daily Digest
Bulletin of August 23, a
section is devoted to
preparing college students
for emergencies while away
and at college. The article
tells parents that “…being
prepared will help your
college student remain safe
and calmly deal with
emergency situations.”
Further, FEMA cites “Having
a disaster readiness kit is
one of the best ways to
stay prepared.

This can be as simple as
a backpack containing
items like: a flashlight, a
small radio, extra batteries,
a solar powered or
hand-cranked cell phone
charger, energy bars, water
and first aid supplies.

The Red Cross has
ready-made kits available
that can be ordered.

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Gary Brittain - Fire Systems

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Our Purpose

Environmental Health, Safety, & Sustainability (EHS&S) is responsible for providing campus wide compliance with federal, state, and local environmental, safety, and fire regulations. In addition to providing compliance, we are responsible for the design and implementation of programs that enhance faculty, students, and staff with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to have a safe and enjoyable experience both on and off campus. EH&S‘s friendly staff provides guidance, training, and support to all campus departments as needed. Our goal is to increase the environmental stewardship and safety awareness of all who thrive within the campus community.




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