IMPORTANT: Beginning on March 15, 2016, entry requirements into Canada (via air) will change. Citizens from countries other than the USA, who do not require a visa to enter Canada, will need to apply for and receive an electronic travel authorization (eTA) prior to arrival. Please read this eTA Flyer for more information.

Beginning on April 1, 2016, all passengers traveling to the USA on the Visa Waiver Program require an E-Passport. An E-Passport, denoted by the symbol located on the passport cover, is an enhanced secure passport. Any passengers traveling without an E-Passport on or after April 1st, will not be permitted travel under the Visa Waiver Program - and will require a valid visa. For all up-to-date information, please visit:

Per Diem Rates (both domestic and foreign)

General Services Administration (GSA) Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) Rates

The Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) mileage reimbursement rate as of 1/1/16, is $0.540 per mile or $0.190 per mile when not using an available University vehicle.

The prior mileage reimbursement rates were:
$0.575 per mile or $0.230 per mile when not using an available University vehicle (effective 1/1/15 - 12/31/15)
$0.560 per mile (effective 1/1/14 - 12/31/14)
$0.565 per mile (effective 1/1/13 - 12/31/13)
$.0555 per mile (effective 7/1/11 - 12/31/12)

NYS Thruway Tolls Calculator

Currency Converter (please use any converter you like, we included this link for convenience)

Helpful Travel Documents
OSC Travel Manual ** (Rev 12/14)
OSC Travel Advisory #3 Effective 04/15
Fredonia Matrix of OSC Travel Advisory #3 Effective 04/15
OGS Citibank Travel and NET Cardholder Benefits
OGS Trip Calculators
Personal Vehicle Calculator (with Enterprise Rental) **(Effective 01/16)
GOER Travel and NET Card Reconciliation
Travel Guideline #810 ** (Effective 01/16)
Travel Card Guideline #811
Non-Employee Travel (NET) Card Guideline #812
Need to Take a Trip? Let this Decision Tree Help You
Citibank Credit Cards - What are their uses?
Need to be Reimbursed for a Trip? Let this Decision Tree Guide You
Method I Meal Reimbursement
Method II Meal Reimbursement
Frequently Asked Travel Questions
Frequently Asked Questions by Employees who have both a Travel and NET Card
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Citibank's Chip and Pin Cards **(New 01/15)
Travel & NET Card Refresher (PDD 02/06/15)
Travel Changes - Keeping up with the Changes (Fall 2015 Workshop)

Travel Forms
Travel Authorization Form .xlsx
Over Per Diem Lodging Justification Form .xlsx
Tax Exempt Letter
NYS Lodging Tax Exempt Form
Form AC-946 Tax Exempt Form
Travel Voucher Form.xls **(Rev 01/16)
Travel Voucher & State Travel Card Reconciliation Form.xlsx **(Rev 01/16)
Mileage Statement for Personal Automobile Use .xls

Extra Sheet to Calculate Meals and Lodging .xls
(New - for travelers that stay in more than 2 cities during 1 trip)

Travel Card Agreement and Acknowledgement Form .docx
Non-Employee Travel (NET) Card Agreement and Acknowledgement Form .docx

Budget link image

How to Activate and Register your New Citibank Card(s)

Citibank's link:

** From OSC's Guide to Financial Operation (Rev. 3/19/12)
If you have a State issued Travel Card and/or NET Card and prefer (based on time and personal preference) to use OSC's Travel Expense Form AC 132-S, below are the links. Please note: The use of Form AC 132-S "requires travelers to also fill out any of the applicable forms that correspond with their travel event."

Travel Expenses and the Claim for Payment (AC 132-S)
Statement of Incidental and Transportation Expenses (AC 3259-S)
Statement of Meals Claimed (AC 3258-S)
Statement of Automobile Travel (AC 160-S)
Statement of State Corporate Travel Card Charges (AC 3256-S)

Policy References

An Expense Report must be submitted detailing all expenses including both State Travel Card charges and out-of-pocket expenses. Each Business Unit finance office will reimburse out-of-pocket expenses and pay the State Travel Card directly. Revocation of the traveler’s card may occur upon repeated delays in the submission of Expense Reports.

Expense Reports are to be fully completed for each travel event. No balance due or balance owed is to be carried over to future Expense Reports or applied to previously submitted Expense Reports. Expense Reports must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the travel event. This timely submittal will provide information necessary to reconcile the corporate travel card bill. Revocation of the traveler’s card may occur upon repeated delays in the submission of Expense Reports. Expense Reports must be submitted for all charges whether or not out-of-pocket expenses were incurred.

Improper or unauthorized charges will result in mandated reimbursement to the Business Unit by the employee, suspension or loss of privileges related to the card, or disciplinary action. The traveler must submit a check payable to the Commissioner of the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance with the Expense Report for any money owed to the State.

Accounting Office

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